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Whether They're Your Clients Or Not!


NO Theory, NO Pie-In-The Sky!

I’m Giving You ALL the Materials & Detailed Training to

Have You Up & Running in
Just a Couple of Hours! 

I'm Jeanne Kolenda and I'm SPILLING THE BEANS ON What I'm Doing NOW to Generate Recurring Revenue that is TRULY Set-And-Forget!


SEO is hard. Forget about fighting Google and their daily ranking changes.


After the initial setup, this is truly a set it and forget it system.


Forget all the geeky tech stuff. This system is so easy to use that it is almost foolproof.

how do i know this works?

Because I've Been DOING It For Over Two Years!

So, What Is This Social Niche Posting Service?


1. It’s a Great Foot-In-The-Door Service to Get New Clients

2. It’s a Great New Add-On Service for Your Current Clients
& Requires Almost NO WORK!

3. It’s a High ROI Service for Any Pest Control Company,
Whether or Not They’re Your Client for Higher Paying Services!

(And many times, they DO come back to ADD other services after seeing the ROI on this)

Use These 180 Completely Done-For-You Social Media Images On ANY Pest Control Company's Social Media Pages And Bank $99-$199 Per Month or more

Stop Wasting YOUR Time and Money Creating Social Media Images Yourself and Start Using This High-Quality PLR Package Today…

Actual Clients In Quickbooks!

First 2019 Customer

I’m the gal who brought you the Social Home Services niche graphics for Roofers, Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Contractors, Landscaping Companies, and now… Pest Control Companies!
 Look at these stats:
[+]  Annual Revenue:  Over $16 Billion – WOW! 
[+] There are over 27,000 Pest Control Companies in business in the US. 
[+] More than 78,000 people are employed in this industry.  
If you sell other services, this is the PERFECT Foot-In-The-Door!
If you already have Pest Control Companies as clients, this is a GREAT Add-On to bump up your revenue with NO extra work each month.
OR… you could find Pest Control Companies who have Facebook pages that just need a little TLC and attention to collect an easy $99-$199/mo additional income.
So, I’ve given you THREE ways to use this package of graphics to pad your pocket!
Get instant access to these completely done-for-you Facebook images and start earning!
Oh wait…You might be thinking you don’t like social media and don’t have time to do all this posting every day…I’m smiling at that one because I thought the same thing!
I’m going to tell you how to get all the setup and fulfillment Done-For-You using an auto-posting system that will cost $1.48 per client… and then…you can literally SET IT AND FORGET IT!
It’s 100% true – I’ve been doing this for a couple of other niches for the better part of two years, and I haven’t touched those accounts in many, many months. And yet, when I go to their Facebook pages…my graphics are being posted every day (in some cases, twice a day if I set it up that way). 

Those automatic payments come into my QuickBooks account…every month like clockwork!

No One Has EVER Cancelled

The reason they don’t cancel is this is a small enough fee to fly under the “budget radar” & it’s proven to boost Facebook engagement by over 1000x. ​

Let’s do some math…

If you charge $100/mo. and you get just 25 clients (EASY to do!)…look at these profits! 

25 clients = $2500 /mo

50 clients = $5000 /mo

100 clients = $10,000/mo

And folks, this is recurring revenue WITH NO WORK after the initial setup! 

This is  RECURRING REVENUE for an auto-posting DFY service, where you can fulfill each client for $1.48 each per month. 

This could quite possibly be the easiest and highest net profit of anything you’ve EVER done! 

Do you hate creating the content even though you know it’s absolutely necessary?

Believe it or not, there is actual work that needs to be done when you provide digital marketing services to business owners.

And it’s no joke!

I can personally attest…doing the same task over and over again can drive you absolutely nuts.

Stop the rat race of having to create image after image and having to do it over and over again for client after client.

That’s no fun!

This is why I am so thrilled to share with you the easiest, best, and highest quality way to use plug-n-play digital assets for your clients without you having to do any of the work!

And no, I’m not kidding… Almost 100% of the work is completely done-for-you.

And it’s done at a highly professional level.

What you’re about to discover is an easy way for you to have completely done-for-you social media images for the Veterinarian niche.

This solely exists because one day it dawned on me that what I had created for one of my clients could easily be used for others as well. And there was nothing like this available!

Why Listen To Me?

I’ve been a successful local business consultant since 2010. I have firsthand knowledge of what you need in order to be successful and I keep my finger on the pulse of what’s working NOW! I take a great deal of pride in my work and ONLY offer the highest quality products/services to both my own clients and to you.

Here's What Others Are Saying

What's This Offer All About?

If you offer social media marketing services, then this is a must-have digital asset to add to your arsenal.

Every business owner needs content to post on their social media accounts… more specifically Facebook, to create engagement and ultimately more likes/follows which eventually turn into new customers, clients, patients, etc.

These high-quality images are perfectly sized to work not only on Facebook, but on ALL social media networks.

Why this offer is so valuable:
These social media images will SAVE you a ton of time and money because you will NOT have to create any of this content yourself!

I hope you understand just how priceless that really is!
You can start selling social posting as a service to your clients and they’ll happily pay $99-$199 per month to post these for them… and again WITHOUT having to create ANY content whatsoever!

You’ll have your choice of 60 completely done-for-you social media images that you can post on your client’s accounts in a variety of ways… Post 1x per day and have enough content for 60 days.

You easily can RECYCLE the posts every 60 days! It doesn’t get any better than this! (On the next page, I’ll show you how to get even more images and extend the posting schedule!)



Pest Control Edition

Get 60 Brand New High-Quality Social Media Images + Over the Shoulder Training
Formatted Perfectly for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest in 1080×1080 JPG
Absolutely No Design Skills or PhotoShop Experience Required
Easily Add Your Client’s Logo (Completely Optional)

Look at the
when you grab this deal today...

Social Posting Services:

Pest Control Edition!

Let’s do some more math…

You’re getting 60 social media images for less than $50…

That means each image will only cost you approximately $0.79 each!

You’ll never find this quality of images for anything less than $3-4 each…And that’s the absolute best deals I could find when speaking with over 50 folks from Fiverr!

Plus this low fee includes Private Label Rights (PLR) so you can do whatever you want with them and you can use them over and over again for as many clients as you have.

I had these created from scratch so they are NOT available anywhere else.

"So, is there a money back guarantee?"

No, because this offer is exactly what it is… an INSTANT ACCESS digital download.

I hope you can understand, it doesn’t make sense for this particular offer, because someone could make a purchase, download everything, use it for their business and then ask for a refund.

They would still have all 60 of the social media images and could still use them. There’s no way for me to reach into their computer to delete them once they’ve been downloaded.

So obviously, that would NOT be fair to my other customers or to me for that matter. So for those reasons I’m not giving a money-back guarantee with this offer.

However, I do provide some of the very best support in the business. I usually reply to support requests within a few hours, that’s the best way I can earn your trust and protect my reputation. 🙂

When You Sign Up Today, You’ll also Get FREE Access to These Special BONUSES!!!

Bonus 1

Social Posting Overview Video Training – (Includes Over My Shoulder Prospecting)

Bonus 3

Secret Sauce Prospecting Training Video

Bonus 2

Private Facebook Group – Value: $97/mo and ACCESS to ME – Priceless!

Bonus 4

Snail Mail Magic Video Training and Sample Letter

Yes, I’m Ready to Dive in!

What Does It Cost???”

Great! I’m confident this will be the best purchase you’ve ever made.

Here’s what you’ll be getting when you click over to the Order Page:

  1. 60 Beautifully designed graphics in the perfect posting size, custom made for Pest Control Companies
  2. 60 Post comments written to go along with each image post (The auto posting software will handle putting it all together for you.)

I'll Leave The Last Word To Bruce...

“I was introduced to Jeanne in the Fall of Last year. She’s a ‘fooler,’ I can tell you that. With a sweet personality, and kind word for everyone, she doesn’t strike you as a hard-nosed salesperson. In fact she proves that you don’t need to be a bulldog sales-type. She has built a very lucrative consulting practice just doing social posting. And she’s doing this while many her age are in retirement.

Jeanne’s secret? She’s ambitious and relentless… she just won’t quit. You will learn so much about how to do this right, whether young or old. This is all REAL, worth way more than what she’ll likely charge, and in my not-so-humble-opinion you ought to grab this as soon as it launches.
Bruce Newmedia

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