“Motorhome Momma”
Announces Profits With
Landscaping Companies
– The Way Nature Made It!”

Now She Announces:




Whether They’re

Your Clients Or Not!”

Hey there, it’s Jeanne Kolenda

And I’m Back Again!I want you to see what I’m doing month-in and month-out from my home office AND my RV. It’s bringing me the EASIEST MONEY I’ve ever earned,AUTOMATICALLY, while I tour the country… 

I think it’s right up your alley, so come aboard!

That’s right – I’m spilling the beans right now on what I’m doing to generate fantastic recurring revenue all from my office at home, or from my motorhome as Leon and the dogs and I travel.

I’m going to show you how to build a “Micro-Service Empire” that generates steady cash in my spare time.

This is not just a great idea – it’s 100% REAL because I’ve been doing it for over two years now!

Pay close attention as I reveal my whole strategy with all the detailed training. 

I promise you, you will be on your way to a dependable, sustainable, monthly income in just a couple of hours!

And let me share something that’s AMAZING! In all this time, I’ve NEVER had a Social Posting customer quit!

PLUS, I’m happy to tell you there’s…

NO SEO Needed!
NO Ongoing Fulfillment!
NO Tech Skills Needed!
NO Experience Necessary!

My Marketing Buddies call me the “Home Services Diva”

I’ve always loved the blue-collar, down-to-earth niches like roofing and plumbing and HVAC and Landscaping, etc..

They’re easy to find, easy to help and they’re VERY GRATEFUL!

Earlier this year, I introduced you to Social Home Services for Roofers, Plumbers and HVAC Contractors…but guess what I learned?

Because of the upward trend in new housing, Landscaping Businesses are BOOMING!

This is a BIG market I don’t want you to miss!

Which brings me to the reason I’m SO EXCITED to ANNOUNCE…

  • It’s a GREAT Foot-In-The-Door strategy that closes high-paying SEO/GMB (Google My Business) Clients.
  • It’s an AWESOME addition if you’re already serving Landscaping Companies.
  • OR, just use this strategy ALL BY ITSELF. Set and forget it – then collect monthly payments for NO extra work. Hey – do this enough times, and you’ll have a recurring income that rivals highly-paid professionals.

THIS is what allows me to roam around the country in my RV (motorhome) with my husband and my dogs and enjoy my
life without a lot of hassle.

Every Landscaping Company Owner worth his salt knows he needs a Social Media presence, and it starts with Facebook. Facebook is the “new Google” as a search engine.

Sounds good…but here’s where
it all goes wrong…

The well-meaning business owner gets his favorite nephew to set up a Facebook Page – and he tries to post something on it whenever he thinks about it (which isn’t often).  

And before you know it, he has a Facebook Page as dead as a doornail, and he starts to complain that this Social Media thing isn’t working out! 

Enter…The Social Media Consultant to save the day – And that’s YOU!!

You WILL solve this dilemma quickly and easily – at a cost so low it will ALWAYS fly under the contractor’s budget radar!

Facebook rewards an active Business Page in the search results. Why would anyone do business with a contractor whose Facebook page looks like an abandoned ghost town?