Pressing Your Back Button May Result In
You Being Double-Billed By Mistake

Do You Want Source Files?
Do You Want to Make Your Own Edits?

Probably the most requested thing in my previous sales was THIS!

Some of you have PhotoShop and editing was no big deal.

But I didn’t want to limit your access to edits by whether or not you know how to use PhotoShop…

This is where the offer gets monstrous!

You get access to all the source files - 180 PSD files,
180 PowerPoint static image files AND
90 PowerPoint animated files

…for a low one-time investment. We have spent thousands of dollars on these source files which are now available to you to use for pennies on the dollar.


I left no stone unturned here…

I’m delivering them ALL to you in PowerPoint formatting in ADDITION to PhotoShop files!

 This upsell includes:

So, you can stop smiling now, and grab this immediately!

Everything for just $97!!

You’ll never see this kind of offer again.  In the past, I paid $199 for just 30 animated files, and they weren’t editable!

NO ONE will ever offer this kind of deal to you.  I wanted to over-deliver. In fact, I argued with my designer that this was TOO much, but he said he could do it – and HE DID!

Get ALL 180 Social Media Images in Fully Editable
Files for the Landscaping Niche...

To Give You the Freedom and Flexibility to
Do Anything You Want with Them!

Get 180 Fully Editable PSD/PPT Graphics Source Files
And 90 PPT Animated Source Files

Why this offer is so valuable?

These social media images will SAVE you a ton of time and money because you will NOT have to create any of this content yourself!
I hope you understand just how invaluable that really is!
You can start selling social posting as a service to your clients and they’ll happily pay $99-$199 per month to post these for them… and again WITHOUT having to create ANY content whatsoever!
It doesn’t get any better than this!

You Get ALL 180 Social Media Images and 90 Animations
in fully editable files (PSD/PPT) to complete your
library for the Landscaping niche today!

180 PSD Source Files

180 PPT Source Files

90 Animated PPT
Source Files

Look at the BIG SAVINGS you will make grabbing All 180 Social Media Images and 90 Animations in Fully
Editable Files for the Social Home
Services: Landscaping Edition!

Let’s do some math…

You’re getting ALL 180 social media images in fully editable layered Photoshop files (PSDs) for less than $100…
That means each image will only cost you ONLY approximately $0.55 each!
You’ll never find this quality of images with fully editable layered Photoshop files (PSDs) for anything less than $8-10 each…And that’s the absolute best deals I could find when speaking with over 50 folks from Fiverr! 

Plus this low fee includes Private
Label Rights (PLR)

so, you can do whatever you want with them and you can use them over and over again for as many clients as you have.

I had these created from scratch so they are NOT available anywhere else.

But, what about the money back guarantee?

Given the nature of the product, we do not provide a money back guarantee on this product.

So please make sure you can and will use it before purchasing.

We prefer working with serious marketers who know the value of a Done-For-You product like this, and are serious about building a Micro-Service offering in your business.

This is truly a limited time offer so click the button
below and get INSTANT ACCESS!!!

Get 180 Fully Editable PSD/PPT Graphics Source Files
And 90 PPT Animated Source Files

Before we let you go, we wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU for reading this letter.

We’re truly excited for you to get started with these additional assets for you and your clients and see the results.  
See you on the next page,

Jeanne Kolenda           Niranjan Pradhan

P.S. If you let this offer pass you by, you can guarantee one thing: nothing will change. At least, not for awhile. But, grab this right now, and you’ll be on your way to finally have a complete library of high-quality PLR social media images for your and/or your clients. All you have to do is click the buy button below now.

Get 180 Fully Editable PSD/PPT Graphics Source Files
And 90 PPT Animated Source Files

No Thanks, I know I may not see this offer again!

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