Anybody Can Profit From Veterinarians

NO Theory, No Pie-In-The Sky! AND, I’m Giving You All the Material & ALL the Detailed Training to Have You Up and Rolling in Just a Couple of Hours!


One Hit Wonders

We've all been there. You find a great product to sell to a local business. You spend hours on the phone to sell to the business on your great idea. You close the sale! Now what? You need recurring income!

Get Paid Monthly

Stop selling services and products that you have to work hard for for a one time payment. Start selling a service that will put cash in your pocket month after month and you only do the work once!


Start with an affordable micro service to get your foot in the door. Then you have established a relationship with your client and can easily offer more products that benefit them and you!

In Demand Service

This service is in high demand. Your clients know how much time it takes and how much time it takes away from their business.

It's About Time


Time is a commodity that we all have a finite amount of! Would you prefer to spend you time making individual sales or would you rather profit monthly from every sale?


Every moment you spend acquiring a new client should be focused on profiting over and over from that client.

You Don't Need A Better Economy

Unlike many business affected negatively by Covid, vets have thrived! Veterinarians have learned how to survive and thrive during the pandemic!

You don't need experience

Anyone can offer this service from anywhere. From home, from an office and even from a car (which I have done). It doesn't matter where you are!

You don't need special skills

There are no crazy tech skills for you to learn.

You don't need pressure selling

We understand B2B sales! I have been doing it since the 1980's with high ticket items to video stores.

Why Is This Offer So Valuable?

Unlike some internet marketers who try to draw you in with vague sales copy that doesn’t really explain what the product is, we are extremely transparent!

Graphic design

Every business owner needs content to post on their social media accounts… more specifically Facebook and Instagram, to create engagement and ultimately more likes/follows which eventually turn into new customers, clients, patients, etc.

I hope you understand just how priceless that really is!


These social media images will SAVE you a ton of time and money because you will NOT have to create any of this content yourself!

You can start selling social posting as a service to your clients and they’ll happily pay $99-$199 per month to post these for them… and again WITHOUT having to create ANY content whatsoever!


You’ll have your choice of 180 completely done-for-you social media images that you can post on your client’s accounts in a variety of ways… Post 1x per day and have enough content for 180 days or post 2x per day and have enough content for 90 days… Your choice!

You easily can RECYCLE the posts every 90 or 180 days! It doesn’t get any better than this!

Who WE Are

""Jeanne is a powerhouse in marketing. She not only creates and sells products online, she also actually uses the systems she teaches!"
Jeanne Kolenda
"Paul is likely the best SEO on the planet. Profitting over 300k per month for niches that others told him were impossible."
Paul Colcleasure

Leave Nothing To Chance!

We provide all the training AND the assets to lock in new clients!

  • Done For You Graphics

    Use These 180 Completely Done-For-You Social Media Images On ANY veterinarians' Social Media Pages And Bank $99-$199 Per Month or more

  • Time Wasted

    Stop Wasting YOUR Time and Money Creating Social Media Images Yourself and Start Using This High-Quality PLR Package Today…

  • Training

    Want some great training?


Get 180 Brand New High-Quality Social Media Images + Over the Shoulder Training.

Formatted Perfectly for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest in 1080×1080 JPG

Absolutely No Design Skills or PhotoShop Experience Required
Easily Add Your Client’s Logo (Completely Optional)

Quite often, the threat of a negative Trustpilot review will accomplish what would otherwise require legal action. A positive force in all industries.
Charles Cooper
Programmer, Kenlid Enterprise
Quite often, the threat of a negative Trustpilot review will accomplish what would otherwise require legal action. A positive force in all industries.
Mary White
Principal, Bluth Finance
I’ve been using Gcal for the past few years. Since then, generating the listings for my weekly newsletter has been a snap!
Rachel Harper
Manager, Jadeson Global